A Complete Buyers Guide to Sex Dolls in 2022

Sex dolls have grown in popularity across the world in the past few years. With the technology always evolving, prices becoming more affordable, and more people even talking about sex dolls, there is a huge demand amongst people that want to experiment with masturbation. The rise in demand has seen the creation of all different types of realistic dolls from black to young to tiny, there are so many options now for people- you can even custom sex dolls.

As dolls become more realistic, there certainly is a future where we could be talking about sex robots, but we are still a long way from that yet. The industry is still growing and that is why there are still questions being asked like, what are sex dolls? How do sex dolls work? How much are sex dolls? In this complete buyers guide sex dolls in 2022, we aim to answer those questions are much more.

At Sex City Guide, we are a team of bloggers and have no affiliation with any sex doll companies. We have read other articles created by sex doll companies only recommending their own products, so we hope to bring an independent and impartial guide to help you find the perfect sex doll for your needs. So, let’s get started by looking at the best 5 sex doll manufacturers in 2022.

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Best Sex Doll Manufacturers

If you are looking to purchase a love doll, you want to know you are buying from the best manufacturer possible. Nobody wants to get scammed and when sex dolls can cost anything from £1000 upwards, you want to know you are investing in a high-quality doll that is made with the best materials, so you not only have a great time using the dolls but get a long lifespan out of the product too.

After looking at a number of factors such as price, the materials used, customer reviews, the manufacturer’s cancellation process, we have created a list of what we believe are the best 5 sex doll manufacturers to use in 2022.

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1. SexDolls

SexDolls is our number one pick. The UK based company has been pushing the boundaries with their sex dolls and has the best catalogue of hyper-realistic dolls, sex robots and AI technology sex robots which actually know how to talk dirty. Of course, these sex dolls are for people who really want to invest in the best love dolls on the market right now. If you are on a budget not worry, Sex Dolls has a great range of reasonably priced sex for their build quality.

For between £1000 – £2000, SexDolls sells a great range of TPE and silicone dolls. The most popular type of dolls they sell are fantasy, big-breasted, curvy, blonde, redhead, male, transexual, ebony and Japanese dolls. There really is something for everyone and if by chance you can’t find something you want to purchase, you can fully customise a sex doll to your bespoke needs and have them built and shipped directly to you.

If you are interested in purchasing from SexDolls, they ship worldwide for free. You can pay for a doll using multiple different payment methods including Paypal, bank transfer and even Bitcoin, which makes the whole checkout process very simple. You do have a 24 hour warranty which starts from when your product arrives at your address, so if your doll arrives with discrepancies, you can contact their team and they will aim to compensate you.

If you have any concerns, there are plenty of really helpful guides on the website, like how to maintain your sex doll, so I am more than sure that if you had any problems, their team would be on hand to easily help.


  • Massive range of different sex doll collections including AI tech, fantasy, male and Japanese.
  • Sex Dolls to suit all budgets
  • You can create and customise your own dolls
  • Free express worldwide FedEx and UPS shipping
  • Discreet packaging
  • Highly rated and reviewed dolls on the website.
  • Multiple payment methods including Paypal, credit card, debit card, bank transfer and bitcoin.


  • None

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

2. Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Sexy Real Sex Dolls is our number two sex doll manufacturer. The United States base store has a great selection of female, male, ladyboy, and anime sex dolls for everyone’s needs. Sexy Real Sex Dolls certainly has one of the biggest ranges of different sex dolls and offers customisation options, so you can basically build your own sex doll.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls have a large number of TPE and silicone dolls on their website which are under $1000 which is really good value for money. If you are looking for something more high-end, they also have sex dolls for $3000 upwards.

If you were to purchase a sex doll, shipping is free to the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, and South America. You do also get a warranty which means you can have your sex doll replaced if there are any defects or damages caused by the company.


  • Huge range of different sex dolls
  • Sex Dolls to suit all budgets
  • Customisation features
  • Free Shipping
  • Different payment plans are available
  • Highly rated and reviewed


  • You only have a 24 hour cancellation period

Silicon Wives

3. Silicon Wives

Silicon Wives finds itself as our third-best sex doll manufacturer. The New York-based company, which has been operating since 2015, works alongside many popular brands like JM Dolls, DY Dolls, and YL Dolls. Due to Silicon Wives partnerships with other sex doll companies, their website offers a very good range of different dolls which are all high quality.

Much like Sexy Real Sex Dolls, the prices really do differ depending on the type of sex doll you want to purchase. The base price is slightly more expensive around the $1500 mark and again if you would prefer a, more high-quality product, you can be looking to pay into the several thousand.

Silicon Wives provides free shipping worldwide and uses Fedex and UPS to speed up the delivery process. You do also get a short warranty period and if you inspect your package as soon as it’s delivered and find a fault or damage, you can claim a refund.


  • Large selection of different sex doll collections
  • Different payment plans are available
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Has an informational blog onsite which is helpful
  • Great customer reviews


  • The website filter system is difficult to use
  • No cheap or budget sex dolls under $1000
  • You only have a 24 hour cancellation period

Joy Love Dolls

4. Joy Love Dolls

Joy Love Dolls is a leading lifelike sex doll and adult toy supplier across the world that proclaim to offer the most realistic sex dolls on the market. With over 10000 products, Joy Love Dolls has a huge collection of different dolls and unlike most websites has multiple discounts and sales on their sex toy products.

With the current 2022 offers that Joy Love Dolls are promoting, to purchase a premium doll you are going to be paying around £1250 on average instead of £1750. The discounts also mean that you can purchase a sex doll for under £1000.

If you find a doll or even sex toy you want to buy from Joy Love Dolls, shipping is free worldwide and the company uses UPS, DHL, EMS, and FedEx to ensure the shipping is as fast as possible. The only downsides to the service are you are unable to return or get a refund for the product and there is a 20% restocking fee for cancellations.


  • A big selection of love dolls to pick from
  • Sex Dolls in many different niches including MILFs, transsexuals, and males
  • Dolls of all different price ranges
  • Plenty of offers and discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Great customer reviews


  • There is a 20% restocking fee for cancellations
  • The dolls are quite expensive
  • No refunds or returns


5. RealDoll

RealDoll is probably one of the most well-known manufacturers for authentic silicone sex dolls and is regarded for some of the best sex doll designs. RealDolls go the extra length to design skeletons for the dolls in order to create the perfect sexy body figures. This means that RealDoll’s can offer an unmatched selection of customisable options in case you want to build your own sex doll. this includes breast size, lips, eyes, hair, even vagina.

You might be thinking, why isn’t RealDoll higher up the list, and if you were looking to buy a custom sex doll it would be. Where RealDoll in my opinion falls short of the competition is their prices. For $3000, you might be able to just afford their base-level doll. If you are looking for a mid-range sex doll, it will cost you $5000 and dolls fully designed can cost up to $10000.

Another potential downside is that shipping is not free. Domestic shipping around the United States will cost you $550 (that’s the price of a cheap sex doll) and if you require international shipping, you will be charged $900 plus which in my opinion is far too much. With the products, you also have a no return policy but you can get a refund only if the product is damaged upon arrival.


  • The best customisation options on the
  • Authentic silicone dolls
  • Good selection of different dolls


  • The sex dolls are very expensive
  • Shipping is very expensive
  • No returns

Sex Doll Genie

6. Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie specialises in modern adult dolls and AI sex robots that have vibrating and removable parts. The company offers a great deal of information about the dolls and has a great selection of different dolls including Japanese, Latina, Black, MILF, BBW, elf, and pregnant.

Whilst Sex Doll Genie has a large selection of niche dolls, the pricing is quite expensive compared to the other companies on this list. There is no denying the quality of the products but you will be looking on average at paying between $1800 and $2300 for a sex doll, which on average is quite pricey.

Sex Doll Genie offers free worldwide shipping with no hidden costs. The packaging is discreet and the company uses FedEx, DHL, and UPS to ship their dolls. If the dolls arrive damaged or with missing parts, you can return the product. Refunds are available once the item has been returned and approved by their team which could be quite a long process.


  • Large collection of different sex dolls
  • Different payment plans are available
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Lifetime repairs


  • The dolls are quite expensive
  • Poor reviews about the company’s customer service

Best Niche Sex Dolls

People are always looking to experiment with their sexual fantasies and find new ways to masturbate and provide self-enjoyment. Just like dating, there are now so many different niches of sex dolls meaning you can find the perfect doll for you. Whether you want a black sex doll, petite young doll, pornstar sex doll, anime love doll, male doll, or even a doll of your favourite celebrity, there is a market for you. So below we found the best sex dolls for your specific fantasy or price point.

Best Cheap Sex Dolls

Let’s be honest, unless you are looking to buy a blow-up doll that you have to pump up, you will be spending around $1000. If you do still what a real silicone sex doll you can find companies that specialise in cheap sex dolls for around $600-$800. Cheap of course doesn’t always mean low quality, so here is our list of the best cheap love dolls.

Cheap Sex Dolls

Cheap Sex Dolls

Cheap Sex dolls like the name suggest is a company that sells sex dolls at an affordable price. The cheap sex dolls range from a start price of £650 to the most expensive which is £850. You can already see that the dolls are almost half the price of most other love dolls on the market.

The range of products may not be as large as other websites but realistic adult dolls at a very good price. So are there any hidden costs? No is the answer, shipping is also free due to the company having warehouses in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Tiny Sex Dolls

Tiny Sex Dolls

Tiny Sex Dolls offers a completely different collection of dolls compared to other cheap manufacturers yet keeps their prices also low. Like the name suggest again, from the company, you can purchase tiny sex dolls which are smaller than your adult size versions. Personally, I do not like the look of the “small cute girl dolls” because they look very childlike which raises concerns to me, but if that is your niche, prices average around $699.

Tiny Sex Dolls also sell parts of a sex doll which again offers a budget alternative. You can purchase a Torso doll, a mini-doll, a doll’s legs, an anal doll where you simply get an arse, or even a vagina doll which costs $279. The different parts mean if you have a thing for long legs, or don’t like the look of a doll’s face and just want a realistic rubber vagina to play with, you have the product options there.

Best Anime Sex Dolls

If you didn’t know, according to Pornhub anime is the most popular category of porn on the platform. Of course, if people are finding themselves watching anime porn, you can imagine that there is a high demand of viewers that want to take that fantasy to the next level and purchase an anime sex doll. Anime sex dolls are mainly young-looking, dressed in schoolgirl outfits and big-busted. If that is something you are interested in, here are our best anime sex dolls.

U Lovers Doll

U Lovers Doll

U Lovers Doll has the biggest collection of different fantasy anime sex dolls. With Dollhouse168, MOZU, ElsaBabe, Aotume, and other anime sex dolls, you can choose from most of your favourite anime characters. I must add, the dolls do look a lot like the characters which is a great thing if you plan to purchase an anime sex doll.

Your Doll

Your Doll

Your Doll has a large collection of anime and manga sex dolls. I must admit that I do not know too much about anime or manga, but the quality of dolls and the range is clear to see. There are dolls in multiple different outfits, with multiple different features such as hair colour, face markings, and accessories. My advice would be, if you know your anime and manga, check out the site yourself to see if you can find your favourite.

Tender Dolls

Tender Dolls

Tender Dolls may not have the largest selection of anime sex dolls with only 5 listed on their website, however, they are some of the most realistic I have seen. With characters like Silly Volleyball Girl, Huan dressed as a naughty bunny, and Yuki in a busty sailor’s outfit, the dolls are a little expensive at £1680 but seem great quality.

Best Celebrity Sex Dolls

Having a sexual relationship with your favourite celebrity is something of a fantasy for the large majority of people. Celebrity sex dolls give people the most realistic experience to get close to the stars of their favourite films, their most popular porn stars, and catwalk models. Whilst the dolls may not look exactly like the celeb, the popularity of the dolls is increasing.

Z Love Dolls

Z Love Dolls

In my opinion, Z Love Dolls has the best selection of celebrity sex dolls. With names including Jessica Alba, pornstar Madison Ivy, Angelina Jolie, Wonder Women and Chinese actress Di Lireba, the variety of different celeb dolls is unmatched online, and for an average of around $1200, the price is similar to traditional dolls.

X Queen Dolls

X Queen Dolls

X Queen Dolls offers a good selection of different celebrity sex dolls. Available to purchase on their website are quite a realistic Angelina Jolie sex doll, Taylor Swift sex doll, and Emma Watson sex doll which all cost around £1000.

Silicon Wives Celebrity Collection

Silicon Wives Celebrity Collection

Silicon Wives doesn’t have the greatest selection of celebrity sex dolls, but as they were listed as the second-best company, you know the quality will be good. On their website, you will find a quite common Taylor Swift sex doll, as well as the movie character Harley Quinn, which comes with blue and red hair and the complete outfit as seen in the movie.

Best Male Sex Dolls

You would be quite wrong in thinking that only men buy sex dolls and even more wrong if you think male dolls are just for gay men. Whilst there is a market for gay sex dolls, many pornstars and amateurs especially with Onlyfans account can be seen performing solo masturbation videos using dolls. Whilst the market may not be currently as big, male sex dolls are becoming more popular, and here is our favourite.

Joy Love Dolls - Male Collection

Joy Love Dolls – Male Collection

Joy Love Dolls has a great collection of different male sex dolls of all different looks. You can purchase male dolls completely naked or wearing gladiator, boxing, or football outfits. The dolls are of all different heights, shapes, hair colour, skin colour, eye colour, and much more. So for between £1300 t0 £2000 you can basically design and customise your own male doll.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls - Male Collection

Sexy Real Sex Dolls – Male Collection

If you are looking for an anatomically correct male doll, you can find some of the most real TPE male love dolls. With tall, short, athletic, and black male dolls, all are well-endowered and designed to not only look realistic but are built for pleasure. Sexy Real Sex Dolls even has a couple of transgender and shemale dolls if that is your preference. The male dolls’ prices are between $1600 and $2400, so they are quite expensive.

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