Pornhub Insights – A Porn Year Breakdown

Some of you may not know that every year Pornhub releases a complete year review of the hottest trends and searches on the porn platform. 2021 saw the 8th release of the Pornhub insights and I think it is really interesting to view what people search for when browsing the world’s biggest porn streaming website. From top searches to most popular pornstars, most in-demand categories to sexy movies, video games and TV characters you want to see go X rated, here is our Sex City Guide breakdown of the 2021 insights.

Most searched for porn terms in 2021 infographic

2021 Most Searched Porn Terms

Every year the most searched porn terms change. In 2018, the list included terms like Fortnite, whilst 2019 included amateur porn and aliens. After the Covid 19 outbreak, 2020 became a year where people were searching for quarantine porn so what was popular in 2021? The most searched porn term was Hentai!

The most searched for term Hentai moved up in popularity overtaking Japanese porn which was the most popular porn search in 2020. Lesbian and MILF porn remained extremely popular being the 3rd and 4th most searched terms, whilst the term Pinay (means a Filipino woman) moved up 13 places to become the 5th most searched term on Pornhub. Other terms that saw a dramatic increase in popularity were creampie, cosplay, teacher, black, POV, and squirt videos.

The searches which were not as popular throughout the year included ebony, despite the term black being largely more searched for. Korean porn videos, Indian porn, and JOI also dropped down places in the most searched porn term list.

Most searched for pornstars on Pornhub infographic

The Most Searched for Pornstars in 2021

Lana Rhoades for the third year in a row was Pornhub’s most-searched-for pornstar. This may be from a potential porn leak that saw an old video released or due to her growing audience on Youtube due to her on/off relationship with Mika Majlak. Despite being the most searched for Lana Rhoades was not the most-watched X-rated star, Abella Danger who was the second most searched for pornstar has over 100,000 more video views.

The other winners of 2021 on the Pornhub Platform included Eva Elfie, Lena Paul, Alex Adams, Xev Bellringer, and Lex Luna. The potential two biggest winners however were Violet Myers was the most increased searched-for pornstar climbing up over 100 positions to make the top 30 list. Jordi El Nino Polla was the other huge winner climbing a further 3 spots and overall became the 8th most-searched-for pornstar on Pornhub, an incredible achievement as he is the only male pornstar to make the list.

On the other hand, there were pornstars I was surprised to have seen fall in popularity. Riley Reid, Brandi Love, Autumn Falls, Nicole Aniston, Adriana Chechik, Ava Addams, and Kendra Lust who are all porn legends were searched for less than previous years. Possibly a few of these stars have stopped uploading to Pornhub and are more active on Onlyfans or cam sites like CamSoda which might explain the drop but it will be interesting to see if they raise in searches again next year.

Most viewed Verified amateur models infographic

The Most Viewed Amateur Pornstars

You might think that the most famous pornstars in the world are the most viewed but it isn’t true. Amateur pornstars are getting up to 3 times the amount of views that Lana Rhoades gets. The most popular amateur star is Yinyleon. The top 5 amateurs made up of Yinyleon, Porn Force, LuxuryGirl, THESTARTOFUS, and Crystal Lust have combined over one billion views in 2021. Other worthy mentions include Samantha Flair, Kyle Balls WCA, Leolulu, and MrPussyLicking who all had over 100,000,000 video views.

Most searched movies and characters infographic

The Most Searched Movies & Characters

Roleplay/cosplay has been a search term in porn that has been growing in popularity. Fantasy plays a big role in pornography and the industry has gone to extra lengths to ensure popular movie costumes have been created for pornstars to add to the effect. Real-life porn parodies and cartoon movies recreations have been developed and this has seen an increase in fans searching to see their favourite movie characters in porn scenes.

The most-searched-for movie character in 2021 was Harley Quinn followed by Wonder Women and Harry Potter. Star Wars, Black Widow, Spiderman, and the Avengers were the most searched films, and whilst it’s not my thing, people searching to see movie character porn is very popular.

Most searched for video game infographics

The Most Searched Porn Video Games

Whilst it is not my kink, people have continued searching for video game porn since the raise of the Fortnite porn trend in 2018. Still 3 years on, Fortnite is still the most-searched-for video game, but Minecraft has seen a big increase to take the number 2 spot in 2021 overtaking Overwatch and Pokemon. New games like Brawl Stars, FNAF, and Genshin Impact have made the list but being totally honest, I have no idea what these games are or why they may have made the list.

Top 20 Countries who use Pornhub infographic

Top 20 Countries by Traffic

Now we know more about what the most popular porn searches are on Pornhub, it is interesting to see where around the world uses Pornhub as their go-to porn streaming platform. Firstly, I’d like to say that you lot in the United States are a filthy bunch taking the top spot. The United States is by far the country that uses Pornhub the most. In the second place in the United Kingdom which has overtaken Japan. For the size of the UK compared to other countries, to be second on the list shows that a large proportion of the UK must use Pornhub.

Other countries that have seen an increase in how much their civilians include France, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile whilst Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands stopped watching porn as much. This could be attributed to the sex work laws in these countries. Let’s be honest, there is only so much porn you can watch before you want to hire an escort.

Most viewed porn categories by gender infographic

The Demographics

Some people question how Pornhub knows what the gender of each user is. Using analytics they can understand which device and search browser someone is using, how old they are, and what gender they are. When analysing how the different gender demographics use Pornhub, the type of porn men watch compared to women is quite similar. For men, the most popular category of porn is Japanese, whilst women’s favourite porn remained Lesbian.

On both genders watch list includes MILF and mature, Hentai, Anal, Ebony and Threesomes. It is actually quite surprising how similar both gender search for porn and enjoy the same type of categories. Maybe next time your girlfriend says she doesn’t want porn, really you are more than likely into the same thing.

Most searched gay porn terms infographic

Most Searched For Gay Terms

Pornhub is not only used by heterosexual males and females, there is a Pornhub pride section that caters to the content that gay males want to view. In 2021, the year saw some big changes to the most searched gay porn terms. Twink is now the most searched gay term, whilst femboy, hentai, black, Pinoy (means a Filipino man), and yaoi (gay Hentai) have also seen large increases in search volume.

The gay terms that were less searched for in 2021 included Japanese gay porn, Korean, daddy, furry, and gangbang videos.

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