Prostitution Prices Around The World

Across the globe, prostitution and escort prices, rates and fees differ. Due to currencies and realistically how professional the escorts are, you may be paying more or less for an hour service with a call girl. The most expensive prices are charged by high class escort girls, whilst street prostitutes and kerb crawlers who are managed by gangs charge cheaper fees.

Here at Sex City Guide, we have looked at the average rates charged by sex workers on international sex guides, escort directories, and news reports to establish the most common price you would pay for an escort in a certain country. Of course, there are many different types of escorts that range from cheap to high class. and some girls around the world charge extra for services like anal sex (a Level). Our article simply outlines the average prices you are going to pay for prostitutes around the world. We hope this helps people know where to find cheap escorts and help if you are traveling and what to meet a prostitute.

If you want to find out where the best value for money escort services are located in major cities around the world, read our UK escort guide, European escort guide, Asia escort guide, and Oceania escort guide.

Note: Prostitution prices are in dollars as the dollar is the international currency of the world.

UK street escort

List Of Prostitute Prices in Europe

  • Albania: $50 for an hour service with an escort.
  • Austria: $55 for sex at a brothel in a red-light district, $110+ for a lap dance at a strip club, and $200+ for an hour with an escort.
  • Azerbaijan: $200+ for escort services.
  • Belarus: $70 for one hour at a brothel and $200+ for an independent call girl.
  • Belgium: $40-60 for a window girl in the red light district, $70 for a street prostitute, and $150+ for an escort
  • Bulgaria: $20 for a street hooker and $50-$100 for an escort.
  • Croatia: $80-100 for an incall escort.
  • Cyprus: $70 for sex in a brothel in the Northern side of Cyprus and $100 for sex in a brothel in the Southern side of Cyprus.
  • Denmark: $150+ for a private escort.
  • France: $100 for sex with a prostitute in a brothel, $200 for a local escort, and $1000+ elite professional call girls.
  • Germany: $60 for an hour with a prostitute at a red light district and $200 for escort services.
  • Greece: $30 for cheap gang-run brothel sex, $80 for high-end studio brothel sex, and $150 for professional escort services.
  • Hungary: $40 for sex with a street prostitute, and $150-$200 for an hour escort service.
  • Ireland: $100-$200 for an hour with a local independent call girl.
  • Italy: $50 for sex with a street prostitute, $150 – £200 for a local escort, and $1000+ elite professional call girls.
  • Netherlands: $50 for 20 minutes with a street prostitute behind a window, and $150+ for a professional escort.
  • Poland: $40 for brothel fuck.
  • Portugal: $50 for sex with African street hookers, and $150 for Portuguese escorts.
  • Romania: $30 to meet a street prostitute.
  • Russia: $150 for an hour at a Russian brothel, and $250+ for independent Russian escorts.
  • Spain: $40 for a street whore, $200+ for a local escort, and $300+ for high class call girls.
  • Switzerland: $300+ high class escorts in Geneva.
  • Turkey: $30 cheap local hookers, and $500+ for VIP escort services.
  • Ukraine: $100-$250 for call girl services.
  • United Kingdom: $100 for cheap escorts, $200 for independent and agency call girls, and $300 for elite escorts.

Asia street escort

List Of Prostitute Prices in Asia

  • Bangladesh: $3 for most types of hookers – very cheap.
  • China: $50 for erotic massages, $100-$300 for escort agency girls, and $500+ for high end escorts in Shanghai.
  • Dubai: $100-$200 for independent call girls, and $600+ for high end companions with videos.
  • Hong Kong: $40 for brothel sex.
  • India: $2 for sex in a brothel, and $130-$660 for elite call girls.
  • Japan: $200 for local female call girls.
  • Malaysia: $100 for local escort girls.
  • Pakistan: $6 for sex at brothels but tourists do tend to pay more than tourists.
  • Philippines: $15 for street prostitutes, and $40 for independent call girls.
  • Qatar: $300 for a high class escort in Qatar.
  • Singapore: $55 for a local girl, and $150 for an online escort.
  • Thailand: $30-$70 for a girl at a Go-Go bar, $100 for a couple of hours with a professional agency escort.

Australia street sex workers

List Of Prostitute Prices in Oceania

  • Australia: $150 for professionally verified brothels, $150-$300 for local Aussie escorts, and $500+ for high end escorts in Australia.
  • New Zealand: $200 for sex with an escort.

USA street escorts

List of Prostitute Prices in North America

  • Canada: $50 for a local street prostitute, $250 for an escort, and $500+ for an elite call girl.
  • Costa Rica: $30 for a young street hooker, and $150 for an escort
  • Mexico: $3 at the world’s cheapest brothels in Tuxtla Gutierez Chiapas, $30 for a standard brothel, and $150 for an escort.
  • United States: $40-$100 for a street hooker, legal brothels in Nevada $200-$600, $150 for an erotic massage at a massage parlor, $200 for escorts, and $500+ for high end USA escorts.

Brazil street escorts

List of Prostitute Prices in South America

  • Argentina: $30 for sex with a street hooker, $60 for erotic massages at parlors, $200 for strip club extras, and $150-$400 for professional call girls.
  • Brazil: $10 for a hooker in a favela, $20 for a street prostitute in Rio, and $100-$200 for a high end Brazilian escort.
  • Chile: $25 for massage happy endings, and $100 for independent hookers.
  • Colombia: $50 for a local escort girl. You can pay up to $200 for virgin escorts.
  • Peru: $50 for sex at a brothel, and $150 for escort sex.

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